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Bending Plate CZL-15

This bending plate of CZL-15 series is made of special steel. The bending plate has two upstanding beams to construct a strong boundary condition. When the vehicle drives through the effective areas of the bending plate, strain gauges installed will react to the shape change of the bending plate, which then can output an electronic signal for instruments to calculate the weight of the vehicle and to display it. 

Primary technical features: 
1. For reliability and long-term stability, the bending plate is used with better structure than other load pad scale. 
2. With strain gauges working in -40℃~120℃, and sulfured rubber sealed, bending plate can work in various temperature environments. 
3. Our advanced manufacturing technique ensures that bending plate static precision can be less than 0.5%. 
4. Compared with the traditional weighing pad, the bending plate has longer demission in the driving direction, which ensures a much higher accuracy in dynamic weighing. 
5. No load cell is used, which greatly reduces both the structure complexity and the failure rate. 
6. The bending plate is with so low profile as to reduce both easier installation and less damage to the road surface.


Technical parameters:

Mode CZL-15-1250(1500、1750)
Axle load 15t
Precision D0.15
Rated output 0.7±0.2mV/V
Input resistance 1250:1750±10Ω;1500:2100±10Ω;1750:2450±10Ω
Output resistance 1250:1750±10Ω;1500:2100±10Ω;1750:2450±10Ω
Insulation resistance ≥5000MΩ(100VDC)
Zero balance 300~800UV
Use temp. range -50~+100℃
Recommend excitation voltage 10VDC
Allow excitation voltage 5~20VDC
Safe over load 120%
Ultimate over load 150
Defend grade IP68
Cable specifications Φ5.8×20m(4-core shielded cable)



1. Vehicle overload detection under high speed velocity.
2. Vehicle high speed velocity detection.
3. Dynamic vehicle weighing of weight-toll system in highway

4. Vehicle weighing at port or bridge.