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Black or Red MC4 Connector Solar Panel Extension Cable Wire


  • High current, high voltage resistance;
  • Good impact resistance;
  • Average contact resistance;
  • Innovative sealing, waterproof and dust-proof design, explosion proof IP67;
  • Can adapt to different specifications of cable, customer defined length; Different types of connectors are available (compatible with MC4);
  • Excellent performance in both high and low temperature, waterproof, uv resistance and other characteristics, suitable for long-term outdoor use;
  • Technical Specifications
  • Shipping & Customisation
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Length1 to 5m Optional
Wire Thickness10AWG
Cable current ambient temperature60° C
Max. operating temperature of conductor120° C
Rated voltage1000V DC
Rated current30A
Cable specification4 mm2
Cable quantity56/0.3TS
Cable diameter6.10mm
Waterproof and dustproof gradeIP67
Insulation thickness0.075 inch
Nominal refractive index0.28"
Approximately net weight17.54 ft/LBS
Capacity90ºC dry/wet: 40A
ConductorFully annealed multi-strand bare copper wire according to ASTM B3 class B stranded wire
Insulation sheathchemical cross-linked polyethylene
Ambient temperature-40°C to + 85°C

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