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Digital Pressure-Temperature Indicator

Model: N10/N50/N60


N10/50/60 intelligent digital pressure and temperature indicator is designed with most advanced technologies includes single chip computer technology, electric erasure technology and anti-interference technology. This device is a reliable and desirable instrument with small size, light weight, power saving and comprehensive functionality. It works efficiently with our industrial and melt pressure sensors from PT124B series. It will also fit in the production line to work with resistance types of pressure sensors from other manufacturers.


  • Measure and display both pressure and temperature at the same time;
  • Alarm Function to set limit from minimum to maximum with indicators;
  • Support high precision voltage, current or relay output control modules;
  • Easy to install and operate;


Can be widely used in pressure display and automatic control process from hydraulic, petroleum, plastic, rubber, printing and dyeing, textile and other industries.

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ModelN10, N50, N60
DisplayTwo layers of four digital bright luminous digital tube in green and red colour
Display rangePressure: 001-9999Mpa (radix point alterable) Temperature: 0 - 400℃
Pressure signal input (optional)2 or 3.3mV/V (Sensor) 0-10mA, 0-20mA,4-20mA, 0-10V (Transmitter) (Select when ordering)
Temperature signal inputK or J or E thermocouple
Output ControlA voltage or current output that is linear to a full range signal
Main Alarm OutputRelay output for upper limit alarm (220V1A) Upper limit alarm indicator "OUT" on (Only work when measuring pressure)
Supplimentary OutputOutput is optional and varies from different fuctional moduals and settings (Select when ordering)
Calibration indicatorValue displayed 80% of full sensor range, Calibration indicator "CAE" on
Sampling speed20 times/second
Work temperature and humidity0-55’C, ≤ 80%RH
Power supply85-265VAC 50Hz-60Hz
SizeN60: 96mm × 96mm x 100 mm (W x H x D)
N50: 96mm × 48mm×100 mm (W x H x D)
N10: 48mm × 96mm×100 mm (W x H x D)
Connection SizeN60: 92×92mm
N50: 92×44mm
N10: 44×92mm
WeightN60: 400g
N50: 200g
N10: 200g
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