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MC4 metal Connector Open End Spanner Set

Material: metal
– disconnect when already connected
– light weight and durable metal construction
– very convenient to assemble custom MC4 line
– fork helps disengage MC4 male and female connectors

– the MC4 assembly tool is a metal material that is very convenient for customizing the MC4 line assembly, also for disconnecting after they have been made.
– this pair of wrenches replaces many different tools and is so convenient while assembling your optoelectronic engineering.
– for assembling and disassembling MC4 connectors.
– spikes help separate male and female connectors, plus bright orange can be seen from the other side of the roof.
The metal structure and convenient size make them very light, so you can carry them anywhere.

Package includes:
– 2/4 x MC4 connector wrench