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Point Level Switch

Model: PT124B-604


PT124B-604 point level switch is designed to be mainly used in liquid application or under very good flow condition.


  • High temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance;
  • Can monitor and measure liquid sediment;
  • Amplitude adjustable, suitable for liquid in different density and conditions;
  • Simple structure, convenient installation, low maintenance cost;


The point level switch can be used in Pharmaceutical machinery, food and beverage, petrochemical, environmental protection, wastewater treatment, power plant, chemical equipment industries.

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Measure range0 ~ 30m
Process Temperature -40℃ ~ 180℃
Process Pressure -0.1 ~ 5 Mpa
Material, wetted part304, 316L, PTFE
Power Supply24V DC, 220V AC
Accuracy±10 mm
Protection GradeIP65, CT4,CT6
Progress connectionDM50, Clamp (can be customised)
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