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Portable Weighing System (BX102BH)

Model: BX102BH


BX102BH Portable Weighing System uses aluminium alloy material, mainly used for highway traffic management and vehicle weight detection of non-commercial logistics vehicles.


Digital wireless technology is adopted to improve portability;
Ultra high frequency ensures better anti-electromagnet ability;
Double LCD Screen Display;
Display date and time, truck no and ticket no are manually input. Battery voltage monitor is indicated and alarm can be generated;
Measure and display vehicle velocity(km/h);
Floating technology is adopted to remove zero drift;
Vehicle axle weight is measured axle by axle, and the max number is unlimited;
Wireless transmission removes cable connection;


Micro printer is embedded in the wireless instrument, the print ticket contains date, time, truck no, ticket no, axle weight, joint axle weight, truck weight, overload and executive organisation;
RS232 port is used to communicate with PC;
Long life-span storage battery ensures long-time operation in field;
Input customer and cargo no under static mode;
Max stored records are up to 300, and can be expanded to 1000;

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Weighing Range (t)Wheel: ≤20 Axle: ≤40 Truck: ≤1000 (Maximum axle number is 20)
Axle Weight LCD Display0~99995kg
Total Weight LCD Display0~999995kg
Display Unit Height13mm
Static Accuracy (%F.S)≤20%F.S ±0.3%F.S >20%F.S ±0.5%F.S
Dynamic Accuracy (%F.S)≤20%F.S ±1%F.S >20%F.S ±3%F.S
Vehicle Velocity3-5km/h
Operating Temperature -20~60℃
Compensated temperature range (℃ ) -10~+60
Relative Humidity<90%
Input Resistance (Ω)1000±10Ω
Temp. effect on span (%F.S/10℃)±0.05
Temp. effect on zero (%F.S/10℃)±0.05
Over Load120%
Excitation voltage (V)9~12(DC)
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