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LCD Local Display Flexible Melt Pressure Transmitter

Description: PT124B-129/129T Series smart melt pressure transmitter, designed with flexible stem construction. It adopts LCD display indicator, built in programmable amplifier electrical circuit, output 2-wire 4-20mA signal, and HART protocol optional, to realize remote control. And PT124B-129T adds thermocouple, it …
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Restricted Area Melt Pressure Transmitter

Description: PT124B-128 Series capillary flush diaphragm melt pressure transmitter is ideal for space restricted areas applications required, where mounting space is limited. It also has a free-spinning jam nut that simplifies installation. It comes equipped with six or eight pin …
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Explosion Proof Melt Pressure Transmitter

Description: PT124B-125/125T Series explosion proof melt pressure transmitter suitable for plastic extruder machinery ,adopts intrinsic safety explosion proof and welded construction, it is suitable to use in the harsh environment. PT124B-125T comes with thermocouple, which can measure the pressure and …
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PT124B-111:111T:121:121T (2)
PT124B-111:111T:121:121T (1)
PT124B-111:111T:121:121T (3)

Cost-Effective Melt Pressure Transmitter

Description: PT124B-111/ 111T/121/121T Series melt pressure transmitter is economic type, designed with rigid stem construction. And the model PT124B-111T comes with thermocouple, it can measure the pressure and temperature at one point. This product built in amplifier circuit board and …
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Bolt Extruder Rupture Disc

Description: BP1020 rupture disk is specially designed for all kinds of hydraulic equipments, and it plays an important role in release and buffer pressure in the industrial area. Feature: Small size and various process size; Widely pressure range; Reliable and …
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Rupture Disk for Plastic Extruder Machine

Description: BP1010 rupture disks designed for extrusion applications of reliable emergency relief of excess pressure since they instantaneously rupture at a specific predetermined pressure range. Features: Standard burst pressure range Simple, intrinsically safe design Protection over wide pressure range Accuracy …
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4-20mA PT100 Temperature Transmitter

Description: WR-203 temperature transmitter is structured by temperature sensor, compensation circuit and conversion circuit. The device has stable performance, high sensitivity and strong reliability. Feature: Unique sensor technology, rapid temperature measurement; Integrated structure, easy installation; Standard signal output, strong anti-interference …
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Melt Thermocouple

Description Melt thermocouple adopts excellent temperature sensing elements, seal technology and perfect assembly process ensure high level product quality and performance. This thermocouple has fast thermal response time, strong thermal resistance capability and high pressure resistance. Options available on temperature …
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Moderate Temperature Industrial Pressure Transmitter

Description: PT124B-218 series pressure transmitter adopts imported thermo stability sensing element, make the transmitter work stability under 150℃. And it welds with cool lasing technology, there are cooling ribs between the pressure sensor chips and amplifier electrical circuit, it avoids …
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