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ZHYQ is based in Melbourne, Australia, specializes in sensor technology and product design, development, sales and technical support to build and ensure high reliability and timely customized solutions for customers. With the advantage of having our own production facilities in China, we aim to serve international customers from more than 50 countries with reliable technology and excellent service.

Our product range includes:

  • Sensors and transmitters for measuring pressure, temperature, solid and liquid level, liquid flow, torque and force;
  • Structural health monitoring and highway weighing systems for Bridges, subways and tunnels;
  • All different types of load cells;
  • We can provide automation solutions for varies of industries such as food and beverage industry, oil and gas industry, chemical, plastic, rubber and chemical fiber manufacturing industry, water treatment, energy and power supply industry.

At ZHYQ Sensor Australia, we always treat our customers’ satisfaction as priority. Our product quality control and shipment process speed has been tested and trusted by our international customers from more than 50 different countries.

About Our Manufacturer

Shanghai Zhaohui Pressure Apparatus Co., Ltd. (ZHYQ) is our leading professional manufacturer in the industrial of pressure, flow, temperature, liquid level and Internet of Things (IoT). ZHYQ found in 1999. We are an ISO9001 (2015) Quality management certificated company, we acquired the certificates of CMC, Ex, MA, CE, RoHS and more. We are qualified for 7 Invention patents and more than 70 utility model patent technologies.


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