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Civil Machinery Industry

Civil machinery in use will encounter a variety of harsh and changeable conditions, such as shock and vibration, dust and mud, dryness and humidity, heat and cold, and electromagnetic fluctuations. To make sure civil machinery still has high level performance and safety under extremely bad working conditions, it is necessary to effectively control the overall performance of the machinery.


In recent years, with the rapid improvement of civil machinery manufacturing technology, sensor technology is more widely used in civil machinery. In fact, the application of sensors used in civil machinery mainly includes three aspects: the first is the control of engine working conditions; The second is the control of hydraulic system; The last is the control of the overall performance of civil machinery; ZHYQ civil machinery measuring instruments use a complete range of pressure, liquid and flow technology specially designed for civil machinery such as:

  • Crane
  • Excavators
  • Road header 
  • Rotary excavator
  • Trailer pump
  • Vehicle pump
  • Pump truck
  • Pile driving machinery
  • Fire safety machinery
  • Road machinery
  • Loaders
  • Shield machine
  • Forklift
  • Agricultural machinery


  • Innovation design to fit harsh environment
  • Field test validation
  • Strong package, long life

  • High precision products, improve control performance
  • Solid state products, long-term stability
  • High vibration and impact resistance

Application Related Product from ZHYQ

Pressure Measurement Pressure sensors and transmitters plays very important role in manufacturing process. Accurate measuring result is one of the key factors in product quality control. ZHYQ Pressure product series include industrial pressure instrument, Differential pressure instrument, OEM Options for sensor chips and instrument, Pressure sensors & transmitters for varies applications under different working conditions. We can provide our customers with reliable and sustainable products to maximise their production performance in lowest cost. Show Products
Temperature Measurement Temperature sensors and transmitters are mainly used in industries that requires accurate temperature monitoring and control in their production process. Food &beverage, plastic production and metal processing industries are one of the major industries require real-time temperature monitoring and control in their process. ZHYQ temperature sensors and transmitters are always the preferred option by our customers from these industries. Show Products
Industry 4.0 Our pressure indicators and controllers are reliable and compatible options for our customers in the market. Long product life with great product quality is our advantages. Show Products
Settlement Monitoring Structural monitoring system plays important role in construction industry. Accuracy is one of the key factors in construction process. A tiny error may cause huge potential safety issues to the building. ZHYQ Settlement monitoring system and its assorted pairing instruments provide our customer with a complete monitoring system to achieve real-time structure health monitoring purpose. Show Products
Load Cells Load cells is a type of sensor that transfer force to electrical signal as output. Most common load cells are strain gauge, pneumatic and hydraulic. It has been used in varies industries as key player of their daily tasks. Our high quality and accuracy products provide our customer with reliable measurement readings for their tasks. Show Products