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Food Industry

All Companies from food & Beverage industry have strictly high-level requirement on hygiene instrument. A high-quality manufacturing system help the business to get effective process and quality products. ZHYQ sensors and accessories are perfect choices of measurement instrument for varies manufacturers such as dairy, beverage, chocolate, etc.


Sensors and transmitters play very important roles in food and beverage manufacturing system. A high quality and accurate instrument leads to great performance in productivity and quality control. At ZHYQ, we can provide whole range of measuring products (pressure, temperature, level and concentration measurement) to suit the needs from whole manufacturing process for our clients. ZHYQ products are designed to suit complex measuring tasks in process. Our products were widely used from different steps of manufacturing process such as:

  • Storage Tank;
  • Prepration Tank;
  • Mixing Tank; 
  • Fermentation Tank;
  • Separator;
  • Homogeniser;
  • Condenser;
  • Concentrator;


Easy cleaning process

To make the fitting and cleaning process simple, our sensors were designed with:

  • Standard size tri-clamp
  • Big flush diaphragm
  • 316L stainless or titanium housing material (No voids and crevices)
  • Smooth surface (No deposition, scaling, dirt and leakage of harmful substances)

High Temperature Resistance

Our sensors were filled with sanitary silicon oil to raise temperature resistance up to 200°C.


Pressure Measurement Pressure sensors and transmitters plays very important role in manufacturing process. Accurate measuring result is one of the key factors in product quality control. ZHYQ Pressure product series include industrial pressure instrument, Differential pressure instrument, OEM Options for sensor chips and instrument, Pressure sensors & transmitters for varies applications under different working conditions. We can provide our customers with reliable and sustainable products to maximise their production performance in lowest cost. Show Products
Temperature Measurement Temperature sensors and transmitters are mainly used in industries that requires accurate temperature monitoring and control in their production process. Food &beverage, plastic production and metal processing industries are one of the major industries require real-time temperature monitoring and control in their process. ZHYQ temperature sensors and transmitters are always the preferred option by our customers from these industries. Show Products
Flow Measurement Flow measurement includes level, flow, concentration & brix measuring instruments. To many industries such as food and beverage, all sorts of liquid measurement method are important to their product quality control. ZHYQ provides our customers with high quality and accurate flow measuring instruments to ensure their product quality. Show Products
Industry 4.0 Our pressure indicators and controllers are reliable and compatible options for our customers in the market. Long product life with great product quality is our advantages. Show Products
Load Cells Load cells is a type of sensor that transfer force to electrical signal as output. Most common load cells are strain gauge, pneumatic and hydraulic. It has been used in varies industries as key player of their daily tasks. Our high quality and accuracy products provide our customer with reliable measurement readings for their tasks. Show Products