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Settlement Monitoring

Real-time safety and stability of structure and settlement monitoring are very important element in different projects such as bridges and buildings. During operation period, structure often exposed under varies bad weather conditions. it will lead to load changes and strong mechanical stresses to the operation and structures. Equipment’s life cycle is shortened as well. Our structural health monitoring system from ZHYQ uses sensor technology to monitor various structural parameters such as temperature, stress, displacement, tilt, settlement and vibration. This system can effectively monitor real-time structure condition and sending warning signal for any structure issues or movements.


Structural safety, stability and reliability can be affected by Settlement, tilt, cracking of the building from weathering and external forces. ZHYQ settlement monitoring instruments adopt the latest technologies to monitor real-time data of key measuring elements on building conditions and structure. It will effectively to give warning on any current and potential changes of the building structure. Most popular applications are:

  • Bridge Construction
  • Tunnel Construction
  • Slope Construction
  • The Foundation Pit Construction
  • Urban Pipe Installation
  • Railway and Road Construction
  • Tower Construction
  • The Reservoir and Dam Construction
  • Ancient buildings Protection
  • Wind power Tower Construction


  • High precision pressure sensor and temperature compensation correction technology;
  • IP68 high protection grade, can be used in changeable harsh conditions;
  • Integrated measurement of composite measuring points;

  • Low power consumption devices, up to five years of endurance;
  • Site quick installation and put into use;

Application Related Product from ZHYQ

Structural settlement monitoring sensor
Settlement Monitoring Structural monitoring system plays important role in construction industry. Accuracy is one of the key factors in construction process. A tiny error may cause huge potential safety issues to the building. ZHYQ Settlement monitoring system and its assorted pairing instruments provide our customer with a complete monitoring system to achieve real-time structure health monitoring purpose. Show Products