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Water and Wastewater Industry

Water and waste water industries have large demand in pressure, level, flow and temperature measuring instruments. Both drinking water supply and waste water treatment play important role in our daily lives. To ensure our drinking water quality stays in a high level, waste water can be perfectly treated to minimize its environmental impacts, companies have strict requirement on accuracy and reliability of measuring instruments. Being one of the main supplier of measuring instruments for this industry, ZHYQ provides reliable products and professional technical support for our customers.


Waste water treatment standards are higher everyday with the continue developing technologies. Real time data need to be monitored and reported at any time. Reliable pressure sensor, liquid level transmitter and flow measuring instruments play important role in the operation under different challenging working environment. Water treatment mainly includes river water conservancy dam level monitoring, sewage treatment and drinking water treatment, constant pressure water supply system and so on. Main applications are:

  • Constant pressure water supply pump station
  • Industrial water treatment equipment
  • Water supply network monitoring 
  • Pipe network maintenance monitoring
  • Vacuum blowdown system
  • Water supply dam
  • Drainage and discharge monitoring
  • Filter monitoring


  • Single point, multipoint and continuous level, flow and pressure monitoring;
  • Simple installation, stable accuracy and reliable;

  • It can be used in the harsh environment of the open air, and can be displayed on the spot, zero and full degree can be migrated;

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