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Oil and Gas Industry

Unstable weather Condition is one of the key challenges in oil and gas industry. To make sure the operation is sooth and safe, companies have to use stable and reliable measuring instruments. This becomes more and more important as oil efforts reach further into remote areas in search of new oil resources.


ZHYQ provides wide range of pressure, level, temperature and flow measuring instruments to meet any requirements from oil and gas industry. Specially, our latest multi-parameter metering device combines differential pressure, pressure, temperature, flow measurement into one device. It is a non-separation, non-radiation, high real-time metering device, can provide oil, gas, water, liquid multi-phase instantaneous output, cumulative output and moisture content, gas holdup, gas liquid (oil) ratio and other key indicators data. It is a star product with world leading technologies and great performance. Our main products were often used in:

  • Wellhead automation (plunger lift, main line valve control, etc.)
  • Tank level monitoring
  • Chemical injection 
  • Hydraulic and lubricating oil boxes
  • Frac truck monitoring
  • Drilling fluid (mud) tank monitoring
  • Storage and transportation level monitoring
  • Spark protection in diesel fuel delivery
  • CNG vehicle modification
  • Skid mounted mobile metering


  • Ensure the reliability of measuring instrument;
  • Ensure low power consumption and intelligent energy saving;
  • Full range of products to meet the needs of oil and gas applications;

  • Multi-parameter metering devices provide real-time well performance data;
  • Supporting new production capacity construction of intelligent oil and gas fields;

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