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Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry has high standard requirements for their measuring instrument. Due to the nature of the industry, manufacturers place high demand in the most advanced technologies to make sure their productivity and product quality stay in the highest level. ZHYQ’s pressure, temperature, level and flow measuring instruments adopt the latest technologies along with high standard quality and accuracy to meet our customers’ requirements. Most our instruments are also certified to be used in hostile, combustible and flammable environments.


Chemical production is an important part in the process of industrialization, involving all aspects of chemical industry. Chemical industry production process need to use all kinds of testing and controlling instrument, the testing instrument according to the measurement of pressure, liquid level, temperature, flow rate, as the content and ZHYQ is based on four big quantities for research, developed a series of measurement in the field of chemical industry products, the technological process of the typical application in fine chemical industry and coal chemical industry. The main equipment with high demand on our products are:

  • Steam Boiler
  • The Reaction Kettle
  • Distillation Tower 
  • Liquid Storage Tank
  • Solvent Tank
  • Flash Tank
  • Desulphurization Absorber
  • Molten Salt Tank
  • Turbine
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Steam Drum
  • Cracking furnace
  • Separator
  • Heat exchanger



  • IEC-EX
  • ATEM
  • ROSH

Innovational Design and packaged with Monocrystalline silicon chip

  • Dual diaphragm system ensures pressure gauges are isolated from the production process;
  • Fluid receiving parts are flexible to use different anti-corrosion material diaphragm according to the application;
  • High Accuracy (±0.075% max) and Stability;
  • The optimum temperature performance is ≤±0.04%/10K;
  • Long-term zero drift ≤±0.1%/3 years;

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