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Extruders and Extrusion lines

In plastic and rubber extrusion lines, melt pressure sensors play an important role in improving melt quality and production safety, protecting production equipment.

HVAC & Refrigeration Technology

The interior climate around us has a significant effect on our wellbeing. Good air quality and comfortable room temperature are essential.

Remote monitoring or wireless network

Water supply systems, drainage systems, urban natural gas systems, field oil and gas platforms, oil exploitation, etc.

Oil and Gas

The industry comprises of establishments primarily engaged in the extraction and recovery of liquid hydrocarbons from oil and gas field reserves.

Shield mechanical pressure measurement solution

Precision monitoring of vertical movement. Typical areas include monitoring of tunnelling and excavation activities, such as dam, nuclear power station, tunnel, bridge, underground and etc.


Sterile process engineering gains an essential share in the profitability and safety of the production processes in view of the requirements on the…