Why is vehicle weighing so important?

The correct determination of the weight of raw materials and final products has a direct impact on economic effi- ciency of every company. Nowadays, Weighing Systems are often part of the comprehensive system monitoring the material flow.
Governments not only aim at improving the road traffic safety, but also at protecting state property. The wide- spread introduction of overload monitoring has become a common topic for European transit countries.

So why not to be prepared?

Utilize the possibility of checking the weight before trans- porting goods – by means of a certified device!
When choosing a Weighing System, the most important parameter is not its price, but the long-term reliability of the product under hard operating conditions.
With years of experience in the area of scales and weighing, we will certainly find a suitable solution for your operation!

Structure of our services

Our weighing systems have been prepared for installation by System Partners.

We provide:

— Finding the right solution
— Design
— Production
— Delivery
— Installation support
— Maintenance
— Calibration, verification
— Diagnostics tools
— On-line support

Main advantages

Besides total vehicle weights, the system detects also axle loads, group loads more
High throughput of vehicles Automated operation
Smooth integration into Enterprise Information System Continuous surveillance service 24/7
Diagnostics with prediction of failures Equipment for operation in extreme climates Certificated for Commercial and Official
Law-Enforcement Weighing

Product description

The Weighing System provides real-time information to the monitoring centre about immediate weight of the vehicle, all data about its operations, including statistics, trends and possible extreme variations in weighing.

An easy-to-use software not only allows for keeping
a well-arranged record of vehicles, materials and carriers, but also for issuing invoices and balances and exporting data to the company’s related information systems. This facilitates further planning and process optimization.