The quality of a bottle of wine is determined by both the quality control of the grape and the method used during the winemaking process.

The quality of the grape is mostly determined by natural and geological factors, such as weather conditions and location. Because that’s hard for humans to control, manufacturers need to focus on monitoring the winemaking process to make sure the quality of their wine stays at a high standard.

Measuring instruments play an important role in the winemaking process, ensuring the product stays at a high-quality standard, especially at the fermentation stage.

Refractive index (nD) and Brix (%) are two major factors that need to be monitored all the time to keep the fermentation process at a certain standard.

A refractometer is the key instrument for such measurement. Instead of the traditional measuring method, a refractometer should be installed in-line or on the tank to improve the accuracy of measurement.

For large scale wineries, it’s hard to control all the working instruments from the production line.  Because of that, ZHYQ Sensors has recently invented and designed IOT operating systems for our wine manufacturers who need integrated management.

They consist of 3 major sections and can be connected by a wired or wireless connection. The 3 major sections are the sensors, the data acquisition system and the controlling software.

Our data acquisition system has seven pots for sensors to connect physically. Each pot can support up to 50 sensors and refractometers with standard Modbus RTU Protocol.

All data collected then gets transferred to a control unit (normally a computer) for real-time data management and monitoring.

For multiple site monitoring enquiries, our software can also control multiple sites. The wireless connection can also be managed between our core units.

However, connection and set up methods vary from case to case, depending on what is available at the customer‘s location.

Because they help increase accuracy and efficiency of measurement during production stages, IOT managing systems have been widely used by manufacturers in production lines across many industries.

And they’re set to become a critical tool in beverage industry manufacturing.

With a more accurate monitoring system, wine makers can then improve the quality of their wine, and the increased efficiency also helps save labour in the production process.