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Pressure Plate Diaphragm Pressure Gauge



PT124Y-622 adopts high performance imported bourdon tube, designed with special shockproof configuration, high pressure endurance; it is suitable for the process pressure measuring in the petroleum and chemistry equipment, fiber equipment, food machinery and so on.


  • Cost performance is good
  • Mechanical design
  • Install easily
  • Good shockproof and corrosion prevention
  • High reliability and good repeatability


  • Petroleum and chemistry equipment
  • Fiber equipment
  • Medicine
  • Food machinery

Basic specification

Range 0….0.6bar to 0….600bar
Accuracy ±1.6%FS
Configuration Bourdon tube
Operating Temperature -10~80℃
Over Pressure 1.5×FS
Dial Diameter 100mm
Max Diaphragm Temperature 125℃
Process Connection Clamp(Optional)