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ZHYQ is the industry leader in providing highly reliable and repeatable industrial pressure sensors and transmitters. Offers a variety of measurement ranges, output options, process connections and electrical connections.

Rupture Disk

Rupture Disk BP1010

melt pressure transmitter

Melt Pressure Transmitter PT124B-123

Melt Pressure Transducer

Melt Pressure Transducer PT124G-112

Melt Pressure Transducer

High Accuracy Melt Pressure Transducer PT124G-123

Black or Red MC4 Connector Solar Panel Extension Cable Wire

MC4 Connector Open End Spanner Set

MC4 metal Connector Open End Spanner Set

In-Line Refractometer

GND In-Line Refractometer

IP 68 plastic nylon cable gland waterproof cable gland m25

BYT Series Non-polarity DC Isolator Switch

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