Sensors & Transmitters are fundamental measuring instruments across many industries. In-line process refractometer is a revolutionary measuring instrument for concentration and brix measurement in liquid. Honey bee & honey processing industry is critical to Australian agriculture, food & beverage. We have 10% of Australian made Honey exported overseas annually.


Concentration is a key factor in determining the taste and quality of honey. In old traditional way, manufacturers need to have their employee taking samples and drop into a handheld refractometer for concentration measurement. This method will receive a lot of interference from external factors such as temperature & human, so that the accuracy of test results might be vary. In-line process refractometer is designed for manufacturers to gain all measuring data from the pipelines and avoid errors and effects to test result. The refractometer adopts man-made sapphire with reflection principle to provide real-time data for manufacturers. The result can both be shown on the local monitor and sent to management system by several different communication method. Key features of this product are high accuracy and real-time monitor. Both of them are also important elements to determine taste and quality of honey. The device can be both installed on the storage or processing tank or pipework. All connection types and sizes can be customised to fit with what is available onsite. In some cases, a manual or automatic washing device is required when dealing with high particle content solutions.


The In-line process refractometer provides manufacturer simple solution to control the quality of honey. It can also save labour and maintenance cost in their process. This device can is also applicable to work with any IOT system for production line management. It is a revolutionary instrument to add onto era of automated production.