Lemon Juice are used widely in food and beverage industry. During the production process, concentration monitoring is very important steps of taste quality control. In-line process refractometer is one of the key elements to keep the quality above certain standard.


ZHYQ GND-15 In-line process refractometer adopt principle of refraction for concentration measurement purpose. Man-made sapphire is the main testing agent in this device. Refraction occurred when light source passes through testing medium. Refractive index is then calculated to determine if the concentration level is at correct rate. GND-15 can also communicate with managing and controlling system by connection correct output signals for real-time monitoring.




  • In Laboratory:During new product research and development progress, close concentration monitoring is a very important procedure when testing different taste, colour and nutrient composition. A little change in concentration can lead to a very different product taste.


  • In Industrial Production:In-line process refractometer can help manufacturers control the quality of lemon juice during production process.



  • In the field:Staff can use local display of refractive index to determine if concentration is stay at the desired level. Precautions can be implemented if and anomalies are found.


Instrument Operation Steps:


  • Pre-treatment:Before concentration measuring step, samples need to be taken to make sure solutions are pre-treated. For example, remove impurities & adjust pH, etc.


  • Installation:Please follow instruction booklet for installation to make sure refractometer can operate normally.


  • Data Acquisition:Monitoring on changes of concentration data during process. At the end of each sampling period, record and analyse all data to make sure no anomalies.


In conclusion, In-line process refractometer is a significant device for lemon juice production. It can improve production efficiency under certain product quality standard. With more advanced development of the instrument, it is believed that in-line process refractometer will play a more extensive and in-depth role in the lemon juice industry and other fields.