Portable weighing systems are used widely by truck drivers and companies from many industries as a temperate weighing instrument. In most cases, it is impractical to install a proper weighbridge due to project budget and space constraints. A portable load cell or weighing system can help companies maximise their flexibility to weigh their trucks on site.

ZHYQ’s portable dynamic weighing system is made of premium stainless steel and aluminium alloy. It is mainly used for dynamic weighing of trucks, machines and vehicles. The system consists of two high strength aluminium alloy weighing pads, four bridges (two for each scale pad) and a display monitor. The weighing pad has multiple sealed high precision sensors embedded to the bottom side to make sure testing results are accurate and reliable. The whole platform is light, with a smaller size for portable measurement. The system can support wide measuring ranges with high resolution.

Measurement can be done dynamically or statically, with vehicles either driving over or staying on the platform. Dynamic testing requires two platforms to allow each axel to be tested when vehicles drive over. Static testing requires platforms for each wheel of the vehicle. The monitor and platform can be wired or wirelessly connected. There’s an option featuring a computer connection to the platform for obtaining the test result.

The system does have some working condition requirements. The platform and its connected bridges need to be placed on a flat and dry surface with as few humps as possible. Small particles need to be cleaned to get more accurate results. Vehicles must be guided by the operator through the testing track for an accurate result. When driving pass the bridge and platform, wheels need to be straight and speed must not exceed 10km/h for accurate results. During testing, operators must avoid hitting the breaks or turning the steering wheel.

The system has been used in many industries such as mining, landfill station, vehicle manufacturing and testing. It provides a convenient option to weigh vehicles or machines in different situations.