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Intelligent Point Level Switch

Model: PT124B-607


PT124B-607 intelligent point level switch is a cost efficient instrument used to test level for both liquid and solid materials with dielectric constant above or equal to 1.5.


  • Wide application range, can detect both solid and liquid materials;
  • High stability, efficient on adhesive conductive materials;
  • Designed in small size to fit in narrow space;
  • Optional universal connection for hygiene adaptors for easy installation and wide application;


The point level switch can be used in Pharmaceutical machinery, food and beverage, petrochemical, environmental protection, wastewater treatment, power plant, chemical equipment industries.

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Process Temperature -40℃ ~ 85℃
OutputNPN, PNP
Output Lag0s / 3s
Material, wetted part316L, PEEK
Power Supply24V DC, 12-33V DC
Accuracy±5 mm
Protection GradeIP65
Progress connectionSanitary G1/2 Thread connection Standard Clamp in 50.5mm (optional)

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