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PID Intelligent Pressure Controller

Model: PD9001


The digital pressure indicator is designed with most advanced technologies includes single chip computer technology, electric erasure technology and anti-interference technology. This device is a reliable and desirable instrument with small size, light weight, power saving and comprehensive functionality.


  • PID Adjustable Control;
  • Switch control between auto and manual;
  • Easy to install and operate;
  • Single-chip computer technology;
  • Exchangeable for other brand;


It is widely used in the process of industrial automation control for pressure measurement and control.

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Digital DisplayTwo layers of four digital bright luminous digital tube in green and red colour
Electronic bar display20 segments electronical bar indicate the output power
Display Range000~9999 (radix point alterable)
Pressure rangeProgrammable setting
Sampling frequency50times/s
Alarm outputtwo circuits with programmable alarm Settings
Input2mV/V,3.3mV/V,0~10mA,0~20mA,4~20mA 0~5V,1~5V,0~10V ( Select when ordering )
PID output0~5V,0~10V,4~20mA ( Select when ordering )
CommunicationRS485 serial communication ( Select when ordering )
Communication baud rate4.8Kbps, 9.6Kbps, 14.4Kbps, 19.2Kbps (Programmable)
Work temperature and humidity0-55’C, ≤ 80%RH
Working power supply85~265VAC, 50~60Hz
Controller size96×96mm
Connnection Size92×92mm

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