The Internet of Things consists of several layers of technology that enable ordinary things to share data and ultimately provide intelligence, autonomous action and value, which largely depend on the quality of the data itself. Sensors and transmitters are fundamental to the operation of IoT systems. The whole system relays on the accuracy measurement from these instruments. Wireless pressure transmitters were developed based on wireless sensing technology. Power source on a wireless pressure transmitter is supplied by battery. It is suitable for measurement activities under different working environment especially with limited power source.

Wireless pressure transmitter is a battery powered instrument with low consumption, wireless communication features. Wireless communication is mainly based on IoT/4G/5G technologies depends on availability on site. This instrument can provide real-time data for all pressure testing point in a wider range than traditional transmitters. Collected data will be transferred to a collection platform for monitoring purpose. Based on the functions from control software, all instruments connected by this system can then be remotely monitored and controlled by operators.

ZHYQ has recently designed our own IoT system with software to be used with our wireless pressure transmitters. The control panel can be view from both PC software and mobile app. It is a perfect solution for monitor and control in the field especially when power source is limited. The system can be specially designed to meet customer requirements. Our wireless pressure transmitters are designed under protection grade IP67. It is simple to install. It can also connect to any IoT system for measurement in outdoor environment and extreme weather conditions. This instrument is widely used for pressure measurement for fire detection, pipeline laying, air conditioning system instalments, industrial manufacturing process and other projects.