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In-line Process Refractometer in Lemon Juice Production Process

Lemon Juice are used widely in food and beverage industry. During the production process, concentration monitoring is very important steps of taste quality control. In-line process refractometer is one of the key elements to keep the quality above certain standard.
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IICA Melbourne

IICA Technology Expo Melbourne

We had our first Melbourne IICA Trade Show at 15th August 2023. This is the best trade show we had for 2023 so far. Lots of enquiries and chances to meet great people from the industry. Our melt pressure sensor …
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Precautions for using In-line Process Refractometer

As an important tool for monitoring solution concentration, in-line process refractometer is widely used in many industries. In order to keep accuracy and stability of refractometer above certain standard, we need to strictly follow precautions from instruction booklet.
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In-line Process Refractometer in Craft Beer & Brewing Process

Brewing is the term that used for beer production process. Beer is commonly made from cereal grains through malting, boiling, fermenting, filtering and conditioning process. Malting and fermenting process are both key steps to determine taste and quality of the beer that’s made. In-line process refractometer plays very important role to control and improve beer quality from these steps by providing real-time measurement of concentration.
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Application of In-line process refractometers in Honey Processing Industry

Sensors & Transmitters are fundamental measuring instruments across many industries. In-line process refractometer is a revolutionary measuring instrument for concentration and brix measurement in liquid. Honey bee & honey processing industry is critical to Australian agriculture, food & beverage. We have 10% of Australian made Honey exported overseas annually.
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Common Failures and Solutions of Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Transmitters are used as fundamental instrument from many industries. From many case studies of our customer, we’ve discovered few different types of errors and failures. Below is the list of types of failures and their solutions.
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