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Inclination Sensor

Inclination Sensor Application in Different Industries

Inclination sensor is an acceleration sensor that uses the principle of inertia to measure the change of inclination relative to the horizontal plane. It is widely used in a variety of angle measurement applications. Below are some of the applications …
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melt pressure sensor

Tips on Use and Maintain Melt Pressure Sensor Across All Applications

In extrusion line, melt pressure sensor plays an important role in improving melt quality, providing safety environment and protecting production equipment. At the same time, melt pressure sensor is also a very sensitive component, proper installation and careful maintenance can …
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GND-15 In-line Process Refractometer application in Mining Industry

Product Introduction: GND-15 In-line Process Refractometer is consisting of light source, sapphire, optical receiver and signal modulation circuit. Light source signal stability of light through the sapphire contact with measured medium, refractive index will be generated by the light source …
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Pressure, Temperature, Heating and Cooling Control of Extrusion

Extrusion process requires accurate pressure and temperature measurement and control to achieve productivity and efficiency. Proper temperature and heating control of the plastic inside of the extrusion barrel is the most important steps whether you are a profile extruder, wire …
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