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Columnar Load Cell

Model: CZL110E-B


CZL110E-B load cell comes with alloy steel structure.


  • The instrument has a strong reset performance, in order to ensure superior anti-biased load capacity, but also to ensure good sealing of the sensor. There is no strict requirement for the limit, and no strict requirement for the strength of the steel structure of the balance frame
  • Protection grade IP68;


The load cell is suitable for heavy-duty axles, hopper scales, static and dynamic weighing of fiber devices, alternative to cantilever sensors.

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Rated Load (t)10, 20, 30, 40
Maximum number of test division (n max)2000/3000
Minimum test graduation value (v min)Emax 5000/10000
Comprehensive Error (%F.S)± 0.03 / ± 0.02
Creep (%F.S/30mins)± 0.023 / ± 0.016
Sensitivity temperature effect (%F.S/10°C)±0.017 / ±0.011
Zero temperature effect (%F.S/10°C)± 0.023 / ± 0.015
Output sensitivity (mV / V)2.0 ± 0.002
Input impedance (Ω)700 ± 5
Output impedance (Ω)700 ± 5
Insulation resistance (MΩ)≥ 5000 (100VDC)
Zero point output (% F.S)± 1.5
Temperature compensation range (℃)-10 ~ +40
Operating temperature range (℃)-30 ~ +70
Recommended excitation voltage (V)5 ~ 12 (DC)
Maximum excitation voltage (V)18 (DC)
Safe overload range (% F.S)150
Limit overload range (% F.S)200
Protection GradeIP68
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