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Crack Meter

Model: PT124B-LF


High precision wear-resistant linear resistance is used as the core component of PT124B-LF Crack Meter. The main body is a strip linear resistor and the moving part is a metal conductor with low resistivity. Displacement is measured by measuring the position of the metal conductor on the linear resistor.


  • Small size and easy installation;
  • Single unit, no separate parts;
  • No additional data converter needed;
  • Easy maintenance;


The crack meter is used to measure displacement of building, tunnel, subway, wind tower and signal tower constructions and maintenances.

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Power Supply9 - 16V DC
Working Temperature  -20℃ - 60℃
Measuring Range0 - 25m / 0 - 50m
Output SignalRS485
Baud Rate9600
Protect GradeIP67
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