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In-line Process Refractometre (Long-Neck)

Model: CZ-L


CZ-L In-line process refractometre is a refractometer that detects the Refractive Index of a sample and outputs , the Brix(%) value on the display , can also transmit measured data to external devices via 4-20mA or RS-232C. CZ series has the function of automatic temperature compensation according to the temperature of the tested medium , when the tested medium temperature changes , the Brix value ( soluble solids ) after temperature compensation is displays and the output changes accordingly.



  • Long neck design to fit into special area;
  • Easy installation, maintenance, cost- effective;
  • Adopt optical grade sapphire, high scratch resistance & long product life;
  • Automatic temperature compensation, high precision reliability;
  • A definable intelligent output signal;



  • Cutting oil, mould release agent, quenching liquid, cleaning liquid, emulsion in the machining industry;
  • Chemicals and allied, pulp & paper, tobacco, environmental protection;
  • Biorefining, Metals and mining;
  • Food industry, Dairy, Beverage industry, Fruit and effect processing;
  • Starch sweetener, Sugar and sweeteners, Water-based solutions;
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Measure Parameters:Refractive index(nD), Brix (%), Temperature (° C)
Measure range:0-15%, 0-33%, 0-53 , 0-93%
Resolution Ratio:Brix: 0.1%(15%, 33%, 53%) Brix: 0.5(93%)
Measurement Accuracy:Brix:±0.1%, Brix:±0.3% (standard )
Measurement Temperature:0-85℃ (Automatic Temperature Compensation 0-60℃)
Operating current:≤200mA
Display menu:Refractive index(nD), Brix (%), Temperature (° C)
Output :4-20mA, 4-20mA - RS485 optional
Power:12-24V DC
Wetted parts material:Prism: sapphire, Prism stage: SS304, SS316L (can be customized)
Optical source:LED (the wave length approximate to D line)
Max Pressure:1.5MPa
Environment Temperature:0-40℃
Protection grade:IP65
Instrument Size:120mm*120mm*(537-1337)mm
Neck Length:400mm~1.2m(Optional)
Process connection3” tri-clamp, other size customized
High and low limit settingsButtons can be set
Recorder output cable2M, 3M, 5M,10M optional
Temperature sensoThin film platinum sensor

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