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Intelligent Solid Radar Level sensor

Model: PT124B-606C


PT124B-606C Intelligent radar level sensor is 26G high frequency radar type object level measuring instrument, measuring range up to 80 meters. The antenna is further optimised and the new fast microprocessor can analyse and process the signal at a higher rate, which makes the instrument can be used in the reaction kettle, solid bin and other complex measurement conditions.


  • The antenna is small in size and easy to install, no wear, no pollution;
  • Almost impervious to corrosion and foam; Almost unaffected by changes in water vapour, temperature and pressure in the atmosphere;
  • Heavy dust environment has no impact on the work of hf level meter;
  • Shorter wavelength and better reflection on tilted solid surfaces;
  • The measurement blind area is smaller, and the measurement of small tanks will also achieve good results;
  • The beam Angle is small and the energy is concentrated, which enhances the echo ability and helps to avoid interference;
  • High frequency, it is the choice of measuring solid and low dielectric constant media;


This sensor is designed to be used for solid medium measurement such as solid material, powder, easy crystallisation and condensation environment.

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Measure range0 ~ 15m ~ 20m ~ 30m ~ 70m
Medium Temperature -40℃ ~ 250℃
Output4-20mA, HART (two wire/four wire), RS485, Mod bus
Process Pressure -0.1 ~ 0.1 Mpa (Cardan joint flange) -0.1 ~ 4.0 Mpa (Flange)
Accuracy±10mm / ±15mm
Explosion Proof GradeExia ll CT6 Ga, Exd ia II CT6 Gb
Protection GradeIP67
Frequency Range26 GHz
Progress connectionscrew thread, flange, cardan joint flange
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