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Micro Compression Load Cell

Model: CZL911


CZL911 micro compression load cell is designed with the ability to fit into systems have limited space. This load cell comes with high accuracy and low profile to ensure high level reliability and precision. It is made of stainless steel.


  • The measuring range is from 5 to 100 KG, suitable for different needs;
  • Small size and low profile, doesn’t take too much space in the system;


The Load cell can be used in variety of applications such as Automotive press-fit, Automated assembly, medical testing, mold assembly and other applications with limited space in the operating system.

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Rated Load (KG)5~100
Rated Output (mv/v)1.0-1.5
Creep (%F.S/30mins)0.3
Zero Balance (%F.S)±1.0
Non-linearity (%F.S)±1.0
Hysteresis (%F.S)±1.0
Repeatability (%F.S)±1.0
Input Resistance (Ω)350±10
Output resistance (Ω)350±5
Insulation resistance (MΩ)≥5000 (100VDC)
Temp. effect on output (%F.S/10℃)±0.1
Temp. effect on zero (%F.S/10℃)±0.1
Compensated temperature range (℃ ) -10~+60
Use temp. range (℃ ) -20~+80
Excitation voltage (V)3~5(DC)
Safe overload (%F.S)150
Ultimate overload (%F.S)200
Cable Size⌀2 x 3m
Cable Colour CodeInput: Red(+) Black (-) Output: Green (+) White (-)

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