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Moderate Temperature Industrial Pressure Transmitter



PT124B-218 series pressure transmitter adopts imported thermo stability sensing element, make the transmitter work stability under 150℃. And it welds with cool lasing technology, there are cooling ribs between the pressure sensor chips and amplifier electrical circuit, it avoids the heat conduction efficiently.


  • Various industrial standard signal output
  • Various electrical connector available
  • Certain stock for shortening delivery time
  • High accuracy, free of calibration
  • compact dimension design


  • Mechanical Engineering Industry
  • Hydraulic and level measurement
  • Gas tank pressure monitoring
  • Industrial test and control
  • General industrial applicastions

Basic specification

Range: -1~ 0~1000bar
Accuracy: 0.5%FS
Nonlinearity: 0.2%FS
Reliability: 0.05%FS
Output: 4-20mA(2 Wire), 0-5V; 0.5-4.5V (3 wire)
Input voltage: 24(12~36)VDC (Amplify signal)
Operating temperature: -20~150℃
Compensated temperature: 0~70℃
Overload pressure: 150%FS
Medium material: stainless steel or Hardening Aluminum
Electric connector: Hirschman(DIN),M12,4pin, Bendix connector, cable,(Customer design)
Process connector: G1/4, G1/2, 1/2NPT, 1/4NPT, M12*1.5(Customer design)