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Wireless inclination sensor

Model: PT124B-WXQJ


PT124B-WXQJ Wireless inclination sensor is a high precision instrument based on NB-IoT wireless technology.The measuring range can reach ±90º. The alarm function from this sensor can help the system monitoring the whole project easily.


  • LoRa, NB-IoT wireless communication;
  • Multiple working mode option;
  • Low power consumption, long working hours;


This instrument is used for angle measurement, level adjustment, zero adjustment, safety control, monitoring, alarm, initial position control, dip attitude recorder.

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Power SupplyBattery ( 3.6V Type C lithium battery)
Working Temperature -20℃(with button battery) -40℃(without battery)
Measuring RangeX Axis, Y Axis (±15º - ±90º)
Accuracy0 - ±15º
Cross-axis Accuracy±1%
Size85 x 85 x 42mm
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