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Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Model: PT124B-501


PT124B-501 Electromagnetic flow meter is composed of a sensor and a converter. The sensor consists of a measuring tube, an electrode, an excitation coil, an iron core and a shell. Converter will flow signal amplification, processing, operation, can display instantaneous flow, cumulative flow, output pulse, analog current and other signals, with thousands of fluid flow measurement and control. The flow meter supports a variety of power supply methods and signal output using the standard RS-485 serial communication interface, as well as the international standard MODBUS-RTU protocol, GPRS and other wireless or wired communication network method.


  • Excellent measurement repeatability and linearity;
  • Good reliability and anti-interference performance;
  • Good pressure resistance sealing ability;
  • Low pressure loss measurement tube;
  • High intellectualisation;


Electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of speed meter which has a high accuracy and reliability and is widely used in petroleum, chemical engineering, steel, food, electricity, paper, water treatment, water supply, heat supply, environmental protection and other industries.

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Nominal diameter15-2000mm
Velocity range0-10m/s
Degree of accuracy±0.5%R, ±1%R (< DN20)
Nominal pressure1.0MPa, 1.6MPa, 2.5MPa, 4.0MPa
Output signal4-20mA, Pulse/Frequency 2kHz (Default), 5KHz (Max)
Supply voltage110/220VAC (100-240VAC), 50Hz/60Hz; 24VDC±10%
Digital communicationRS-485, support standard Mudbugs-RTU protocol; GPRS
Housing materialStandard carbon steel and stainless steel are needed to be customized
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