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Multiphase Digital Flow Meter

Model: PT6006


PT6006 Multiphase Digital Flow Meter that integrates differential pressure, pressure, flow and temperature. Its multi-function monitoring parameters have greatly improved its application fields. The cylindrical structure can achieve a hard seal connection.


  • Direct measurement of liquids, gases and steam;
  • Easy installation and convenient operation;
  • Flameproof design, high security;


It is widely used in the field of petrochemical, steelworks, electricity and etc, for Multi-function monitoring of differential pressure, static pressure, flow and temperature.

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DescriptionDifferential pressure, static pressure, temperature
Measurement mediumLiquid, gas, steam
Measurement rangeDifferential pressure 0-150KPa; Static pressure 0-2.5MPa;
Temperature: -55~150℃
AccuracyDifferential pressure 0.2%FS; pressure 0.2%FS;
Nonlinear0.2% FS
Power supply9~36VDC
Working temperature-20~150℃
Temperature compensation0~65℃
CommunicationModbus RTU
Wetted partsStainless steel
Protection gradeIP68
Process connectionDN50, DN70 or customer tailor
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