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Explosion Proof Industrial Temperature Transducer

Model: WR-201


WR-201 Series industrial flameproof temperature transducer adopts excellent temperature sensing elements, seal technology and perfect assembly process ensure high level product quality and performance. The transducer has fast thermal response time, strong thermal resistance capability, high pressure resistance and anti-seismic structure. Options available on temperature elements when ordering and the installation process were made easy to fit from case to case. It converts the temperature parameters of control object into electrical signal, and transfer to the indicator, recorder and regulato+E8r, to monitor, adjust and control the industrial systems.


  • Wide measurement range;
  • Explosion proof design;
  • Stable and reliable for measurement;
  • Optional output;


In chemical plant, there are various flammable and explosive chemical gases around the production site. It’s unsafe and easy to cause environmental gas explosion if use common thermocouples, it needs to use flameproof thermocouple as temperature measurement instrument in these cases.

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Temperature range-50 to +600℃
Output0-10V, 4-20mA, three-wire, four-wire
Power supply10~30VDC
Accuracy0.1%FS, 0.3%FS, 0.5%FS
Media compatibility316L stainless steel
Pressure connectionThread M20*1.5, M18*1.5
Protection tubeStainless steel 6mm and 8mm dia.
Insert length (L)30mm <L<500mm
Sensing elementK, E, J, T, PT100, CU50 temperature sensor
Electrical connectorWaterproof junction box
Typical applicationGeneral industrial gas and liquid temperature measurement

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