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Industrial temperature transducer

Model: WR-202


Industrial temperature transducer adopts excellent temperature sensing elements, consummate encapsulation technology and perfect assemble process to insure the quality and performance. This series has the advantage of fast thermal response time, strong thermal resistance capability, high pressure resistance, various temperature elements to choose, diversiform installation etc. It is used for the temperature measuring and control in the erumpent processing of chemical fiber, rubber plastic, food etc.

Standard Temperature Thermocouple

Material Type Range℃ Tolerance
Ni/Ch-Ni/Si K 800-1200 ±2.5 or±0.75%t
Ni/Ch-Cu E 600-800 ±2.5 or ±0.75%t
Cu T 350-400 ±2.5 or ±0.75%t
Fe-Cu J 600-700 ±2.5 or ±0.75%t
Pt PT100 0-600 ±1 or ±0.75%t
Cu CU50 -50~100 ±2.5 or ±0.75%t

Basic specification

element: K,E,J,T,PT100,CU50; PT1000
Accuracy: A class:+/- (0.15+0.2%t);  B class:+/-(0.3+0.5%t)
Range: 0-1300℃
Housing: 304/316stainless steel or others
Out put: 4-20mA(two wires), three wires,four wires。
Power Supply: 24(12~36)VDC (amplified circuit output),10(6~12)VDC (mV signal)
Connection: No fixed device, screw thread connection, side flange, mounting and fixed flange mounting