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High Precision Mono-crystalline Silicon Differential Pressure Sensor

Model: PT124G-3510


This series high precision mono-crystalline silicon differential pressure sensor comes with ultra high overload performance, perfect temperature compensation, convenient installation and condition compatible; it can be widely used in various industrial control fields.


Adopts FST mono-crystalline silicon MEMS chip to encapsulate, precision up to 0.04%FS
Excellent overload performance
Suitable for negative pressure measurement
Intelligent static pressure and temperature compensation, strong condition compatible;


Petrol oil, chemical industry, electrical power, paper making, metallurgy, coal gas and etc.

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Measurement range3KPa、6KPa、10KPa、40KPa、150KPa、250KPa、3MPa
Rated working pressure range2.5MPa、16MP、25MPa、40MPa
Voltage5V DC
Signal output40-200mV
Operation temperature-50~85℃
Medium temperature-50-125℃
Long term stability≤0.05%F.S/yr.
Temperature effect≤0.3%F.S/yr.
Static pressure characteristics≤±0.1%F.S/10MPa

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