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Industrial Analog Pressure Sensor

Model: PT124G-3101


The OEM analog silicon pressure sensor, designed with diaphragm and oil filled, industrial common type It is widely used for pressure measurement of media which is compatible with stainless steel.


  • Cost Effective;
  • Chip from international famous brand;
  • Laser Trimming for temperature compensation;
  • Pressure range: 0KPa~35KPa…10MPa;
  • Constant current / Constant Voltage power supply;
  • Isolated construction, enable to measure various fluid media;
  • Φ19mm standard OEM piezo-resistive pressure sensor;
  • Full stainless steel 316L;


  • Industrial process control;
  • Level measurement;
  • Gas, liquid pressure measurement;
  • Pressure checking meter;
  • Pressure calibrator;
  • Liquid pressure system and switch;
  • Cooling equipment and air conditioning system;
  • Aviation and navigation inspection;
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Item (1)Min.Typ.Max.Units
Zero output (2)±2.0mV DC
FS output40mV DC
Zero thermal error±1.0%FS,@35℃
FS thermal error±1.0%FS,@35℃
Compensation temp. range0~70
Working temp. range-40~125
Storage temp. range-40~125
Long term stability±0.5%FS/Yr
(1)  Testing at basic condition, G: Gauge(2)  Zero output for closed loop sensor.

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  • PT124G-3101

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