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Local LCD Display Level Transmitter

Model: PT124B-221


PT124B-221 Local LCD Display Level Transmitter adopts superb encapsulation technology and perfect assembly process to make sure the products of long-term work without leakage, and the cable with vent tube, it makes the measurement value not affect by the external atmospheric changes.


  • Measurement range from 1m to 50m;
  • Moist proof, leakage proof;
  • Equipped with local display;
  • High accuracy, good stability;


It can be used for liquid measuring for petroleum, metallurgy, hydraulic, city water supply, sewage treatment, hygrometry and etc.

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Pressure range0 ~ 1m ~ 50m
Over load150%FS
Power supply12~36VDC
Combine Accuracy±1.0%FSO; ±0.5% FSO, ±0.25%FSO (Including Linearity, Repeatability & Hysteresis)
Long term stability≤ +/-0.2%FS/year
Repeatability≤ +/- 0.2%FSO
Response time<10ms
Pressure connectionthrow-in type
Explosion proof gradeExiallCT4
Operating temperature-20℃~85℃
Temperature compensation-10℃~60℃
Protection gradeIP68
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