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Monocrystalline Silicon Hydro Leveling Sensor

Model: PT124B-226


PT124B-226 Monocrystalline silicon hydro leveling sensor is an important ground-level detecting sensor in the static leveling ritual monitoring engineering settlement system; Static leveling system is a precision instrument which can measure the change of liquid level settlement relative to liquid level height between two or more points. Static leveling system is generally installed on the base platform of the height of the measured object, usually using modular automatic measurement unit to collect data, through wired or wireless communication and computer connection, so as to realise automatic observation.


  • MEMS monocrystalline silicon technology;
  • High accuracy and repeatability;
  • Strong anti-jamming performance, automatic temperature compensation;
  • IP66 protective, quickly suitable for various conditions;
  • Independent IP, no need system;
  • Standard interface, no need system calibration;


It is the ideal choice for the vertical displacement and tilt monitor for dam, nuclear power station, high-rise building, tunnel, bridge, underground, geological settlement, dangerous building and etc.

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Combined accuracy0.05%F.S
Power supply7-12V DC
Operating temperature-20~85℃
Temperature compensation0-60℃
Over load150%
House materialaluminum alloy with anodized surface
Electrical connectorwater proof 4PIN connector
Protection gradeIP67
Installationvertical with exhaust valve upwards

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  • PT124B-226

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