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Structural settlement monitoring sensor

Product Description:

Structural settlement monitoring sensor widely used to measure the settlement of building, bridge, underground and etc.

It is the ideal choice for the vertical displacement and tilt monitor for dam, nuclear power station, high-rise building, tunnel, bridge, underground, geological settlement, dangerous building and etc.


Product Description:

  • MEMS monocrystalline silicon technology
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Strong anti-jamming performance, automatic temperature compensation
  • IP66 protective, quickly suitable for various conditions
  • Independent IP, no need system
  • Standard interface, no need system calibration



Range 0-1500mmH2O
Combined accuracy 0.05%F.S
Stability 0.03%F.S/Yr
Output RS485
Power supply 7-12V DC
Operating temperature -20~85℃
Temperature compensation 0-60℃
Over load 150%
House material aluminum alloy with anodized surface
Electrical connector water proof 4PIN connector
Protection grade IP67
Installation vertical with exhaust valve upwards