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Displacement Sensor

Description: PT124B-WY Displacement Sensor is supported by RS485 signal output. The sensor has build-in digital acquisition and conversion circuit which compensate the non-linear error. It contains built-in spring and automatic reset. Its low power consumption, high reliability and accuracy is …
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Crack Meter

Description: High precision wear-resistant linear resistance is used as the core component of PT124B-LF Crack Meter. The main body is a strip linear resistor and the moving part is a metal conductor with low resistivity. Displacement is measured by measuring …
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Throw-in Type Osmometer

Description: PT124B-227 Osmometer comes with wireless Transmission mode. It adopts superb encapsulation technology and perfect assembly process to make sure the products of long-term work under high stability without leakage. The sand control cap in front provides great protection for …
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Wireless inclination sensor

Description: PT124B-WXQJ Wireless inclination sensor is a high precision instrument based on NB-IoT wireless technology.The measuring range can reach ±90º. The alarm function from this sensor can help the system monitoring the whole project easily. Feature: LoRa, NB-IoT wireless communication; …
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Biaxial inclination sensor

Description: PT124B-WXQJ Biaxial inclination sensor is a high precision instrument invented by ZHYQ. The measuring range can reach ±90º. The sensor will be switched to sleeping mode when not working for power saving. It can then switch back to working …
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PT124B-226 (1)
PT124B-226 (2)
PT124B-226 (3)

Monocrystalline Silicon Hydro Leveling Sensor

Description: PT124B-226 Monocrystalline silicon hydro leveling sensor is an important ground-level detecting sensor in the static leveling ritual monitoring engineering settlement system; Static leveling system is a precision instrument which can measure the change of liquid level settlement relative to …
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