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LP7660 Electronic Portable Truck Weighing Axle Scale

Model: LP7660


Type: Axle Scale
Model Number: LP7660&LP7650 portable axle weighing scales
Display Type: LCD
Rated Load: 20T
Accuracy: 3000e
Indicataor: LP7650 plastic box packing
Warranty: 1 year portable axle weighing scales

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LP7660 Electronic Portable Truck Axle Weighing Scales LP7660 axle load scales are used in all applications in which it is necessary to quickly and simply weigh very heavy devices with various resting points, such as automobiles, tractors, carts, airplanes, trucks, tankers, containers, etc. These are particularly suitable for creating mobile weighing solutions: thanks to their reduced weight and the ease in moving and placing them, in a few minutes it’s possible to create a weighing station on any type of flat surface. Main technical features:l  Accuracy of the platform : 3000el  Low profile: only 58mm highl  Structure in special aluminium, for guaranteeing the lightness as well as sturdiness and long duration in time.l  Vulcanised antislip rubber in the resting areas, for maximum grip on any type of surface.l  IP68 stainless steel load cells.l  Extremely easy and reliable connection of the scale to the weight indicatorl  Very easy to manoeuvre.l  Fitted with 10m cable and connector for connection to weight indicator.l  High-definition LCD backlitl  With built-in printerl  Waterproof keyboardl  In dynamic mode, there are two types for options: high accuracy dynamic mode and normal accuracy dynamic mode Versatile and simple to usel  LP7660 platforms are an excellent alternative to the classic fixed weighting system (like weigh-bridges), especially when weighing vehicles, when one needs to:l  Create weighing stations in a short time and on any surfacel  Check the weight of the material transported by the vehiclesl  Execute an unlimited number of daily weighs, without having to use weigh-bridges.l  Weigh for limited periods of time (harvest, crops, etc.).l  Verify the weight of each single wheel, of each single axle, and all the various weight sums of a vehicle.l  Weigh in small spaces   Easy to transportThe reduced weight and ergonomic handles make it easy to transport LP7660 platforms; furthermore, the bigger size are fitted with wheels which further simplify their movement. Suitable for dynamic weighingLP7660 combined with a LP7650 indicator, allow to create dynamic weighing systems, with automatic acquisition of the weight of the axles and calculation of the total weight of the vehicle. 
ModelCapacityDivision kgSizeOther
LP7660500kg0.2300x400mm4pcs LP7110H load cells,10m cable
LP76601,000kg0.2300x400mm4pcs LP7110H load cells,10m cable
LP76601,500kg0.5300x400mm4pcs LP7110H load cells,10m cable
LP76601,500kg0.5400x500mm6pcs LP7110H load cells10m cable
LP76602,500kg1400x500mm6pcs LP7110H load cells10m cable
LP76603,000kg1400x500mm6pcs LP7110H load cells10m cable
LP76605,000kg2400x500mm6pcs LP7110H load cells10m cable
LP76605,000kg2450x700mm6pcs LP7110H load cells10m cable
LP766010,000kg5450x700mm6pcs LP7110H load cells10m cable
LP766015,000kg5450x700mm6pcs LP7110H load cells10m cable
LP766010,000kg5500x900mm6pcs LP7110H load cells10m cable
LP766015,000kg5500x900mm6pcs LP7110H load cells10m cable
LP766020,000kg5500x900mm6pcs LP7110H load cells10m cable

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